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About PLITZS Fashion Marketing

This is a New York-based Fashion Production Marketing offering an opportunity for talented individuals interested in significantly developing their skills and gaining exposure to real-world applications with a New York Fashion Production company.

The position is unpaid, but you may receive college credit is needed. You will be gaining hands-on experience by working very closely with the PLITZS Fashion Marketing teams.

This is a Virtual/Remote Office Environment Internship/Volunteer Opportunity. Intern applicants must be proactive, organized, detail-oriented, professional, and have a positive attitude.

PLITZS™ Fashion Marketing
A Division of PLITZS™ Fashion Marketing, Inc.,
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At PLITZS™ Fashion Marketing “Diversity, Affordability and Creativity is our Number One Priority”


Assistant Manager of Media Production and Marketing

December 2020 - June 2021 New York City, NY
“There was a good sense of community and family throughout my entire time working under Mr. Sheilds and my fellow team members. Although I originally joined as a Graphic Designer to the team, Mr. Shields invited me to learn the video editing tools used by the Media team and quickly picked them up and started leading the team. Mr. Shields was very welcoming to those new to internships and working, keeping organized documents, an open phone line, and good communication. You genuinely put in as much as you get out.”
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