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About PLS Logistics Services

Founded in 1991, PLS Logistics Services has become one of the country’s leading logistics management services providers. Based in Cranberry Township, PA, a suburb of Pittsburgh, PLS provides dependable outsourced logistics solutions as well as freight brokerage services.

We ship over one million loads annually across all major freight modes: flatbed, van, LTL, rail & barge, air & ocean. Our customers benefit from our broad PLS transportation network of over 150,000 trucks representing over 13,000 active carrier partners, along with Class-1 railroads and major barge companies.

With one of the fastest growing staffs of logistics professionals in the industry, we deliver best-in-class service to each of our customers. PLS’ proprietary web-based transportation management system – PLS PROSM – ensures that every freight move is optimized and tendered at the lowest cost, meeting service requirements while providing increased visibility through tracking, administration and reporting. We provide the right solution for your business, adapting to your specific needs and requirements.

Experience. Capacity. Flexibility. PLS Logistics Services provides everything your business needs to gain a competitive edge in today’s rapidly changing transportation environment.

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Account Executive

January 2022 - February 2022 Cranberry Township, PA
“This company is a ruse. I was in a transactional sales job during college and they sold this as an account management job where you are running a book of business. This is a bare bones telemarketing job, script and all. There are absolutely no college graduates on the "Account Executive" team. If ever there was a company of a handful of employees with over-inflated job titles and egos to match; this is the one. I Like a lot of ethical methods of salesmanship. These liars use the Jordan Belfort method and constantly quoted Wolf of Wallstreet in training and forced you to watch his training videos. That should be all you need to know. The criminal hasn't even paid back his victims yet. Maybe PLS should, instead of paying him. ”

Account Executive Intern (Transportation and Logistics)

September 2022 St. Louis, MO
“This company has been nothing but fantastic! The management, employees, and HR team have been great with bringing me on and teaching me to have the skills to work to the best of my ability and provide the best results for the company. All employees get along very well and nobody has ever hesitated to help me if needed. This company has been nothing short of what I expected and can't wait to see myself grow in this company!”
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