Portland State University Student Sustainability Center

Leadership Programs Coordinator

June 2018 • Portland, OR

What I liked

I loved this job for so many reasons! My supervisor, Heather Spalding, was always incredibly supportive of my goals personally, academically, and professionally. She helped connect me with other administrators on campus that I could learn from for my specific career goals, and those opportunities have been so valuable to me. She's also really flexible and understanding when schoolwork needs to be a priority over work. I also love how shared leadership exists within the student staff here. There is a lot of collaboration and community that develops between the team so you always feel supported. I'm also really grateful that my identity as a trans/nonbinary student was understood and accepted by my supervisor and coworkers. Through changes in my name and pronouns while in this position, they were all nothing but supportive and respectful.

What I wish was different

The only thing I could ask for is more time to be a part of this team, honestly. I came into this position in my final year as a student, but I wish I could've stayed in the position for another year.


Don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. My biggest issue in the beginning was trying to accomplish everything on my own. Heather is always willing to help, and so are the rest of the staff. Take time to get to know everyone on the team and how their various strengths and networks can support you. There are some that have been involved with the Student Sustainability Center for years and their experiences are invaluable!
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