Prairie Five Head Start/Early Head Start

About Prairie Five Head Start/Early Head Start

Head Start is a state & federally funded program for young children ages three to five. The program offers comprehensive services to low-income children and families. Head Start has been federally supported in Minnesota since 1965. State funds also support the Head Start program.

Our program philosophy is as follows:

The potential for learning is greatest during early years of a child's life, therefore, every possible learning opportunity should be provided to children at the earliest possible age. The basic responsibility for early education is in the home.

The early education learning environment, whether in the home or in a school, should provide a rich variety of activities that will foster physical mental, emotional, and social development.

Activities should include both individual and group learning experiences using a variety of concrete experiences. Each child's growth level should be the basis for the extension of his/her learning.


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August 2018 - August 2018 University of Miami, FL
“The sense of family and how nice the staff is ”
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