About Prein&Newhof

We’re engineers (civil, environmental, geotechnical, structural), surveyors, scientists, and GIS professionals. At Prein&Newhof, every employee is an owner of our company and we have no owners who aren't employees. We work work with our clients and we live in the communities we serve. We value relationships and work to make them strong, sincere, and positive.

What sets Prein&Newhof apart? Our dedication to thinking ahead, building lasting relationships and crafting long-term solutions. At P&N, we see farther. Our values investing wisely, developing relationships, building expertise, taking responsibility, and building our community.

At P&N, our strength lies not only in our degrees and technical skills, but in our dedication to thinking ahead, building lasting relationships, and crafting long-term solutions. These are our greatest assets, our competitive advantage. We See Farther.

What does this mean in our daily work? It means we refuse to find quick fixes or settle for “good enough.” We willingly sacrifice our personal preferences and egos when they stand in the way of serving our clients and each other. We never bend the truth or try to “get things past” regulatory agencies. Rather than thinking project by project, we are building infrastructures that will last and a company that will weather change and grow stronger over time.

We help our clients see farther, because we care about our communities and our environment and about you. We’re in this together. We think it is important to do what’s best in the long-run and we think it pays off to plan ahead.

That’s been our foundation for 54 years. We’re honored to walk beside you and thrilled when given an opportunity to make a positive difference in the world.


Construction Inspector

May 2021 Holland, MI
“Everyone I worked with was extremely helpful in teaching and training me on the tasks at hand. I was encouraged to ask a lot of questions and not feel embarrassed if I did not know something. The expectations for professionalism and workplace etiquette were beneficial to my growth as an engineer and an employee. The work I did was about 70% outdoors, and 30% office/computer work, which I found really nice. The work of municipal civil engineering requires clear and constant communication between entities. I would meet new contractors, township employees, or engineers almost everyday, and it made the work exciting and refreshing. ”

Field Technician

May 2019 - August 2019 Grand Rapids, MI
“I enjoyed learning some of the daily routine of an engineering firm. More specifically, I liked my gained understanding of ArcGIS because of the mapping we used.”
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