Premier Alaska Tours

Tour Director

May - September 2019 • Anchorage, AK

What I liked

I had the unique experience of showing off the state of Alaska to large groups of people for multiple days as we traveled over 500 miles in a luxury Motorcoach or by dome train. What I liked is that I challenged myself to leave the state and to take on a large amount of responsibility as I judged 40 peoples itineraries and expectations. The most exciting part was going on different excursions with my guests whether that be dog sleeding, helicopter rides, train rides, jet boat rides, ziplining, white water rafting, or even fishing.

What I wish was different

Due to the nature of the job, there wasn't much that could be changed. I began incorporating Esri's technology to the company that helped my guests feel more comfortable and aware of where they were in Alaska. I would like my company to expand and continue using more of this technology.


This job is very difficult. If you're considering doing something similar be ready for 16-18 hour days of non-stop planning and adapting to different situations.
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