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About Presrite Corporation

Presrite has always been a leader when it comes to forging. In fact, we've played a major role in turning this traditional method of metal-forming into a high-tech industry.

For example, we forge complex parts such as gears to net and near-net specs, thus reducing or eliminating the need for finishing operations.

We hold a patent for a forging process to produce multiple-flange track rollers used on crawler equipment. We also forge crane wheels and cluster gears; such parts were previously made on upsetters or by casting.

Our three modern forge plants meet international quality system standards. The latest quality registrations can be viewed on our web site at Our plants are equipped with the latest design and engineering technologies. They also include a sophisticated metallurgical laboratory, and forging presses with up to 6,000 tons of capacity.


CAD Engineer

May 2021 - August 2021 Eastlake, OH
“The co-workers in the Tech department at Presrite made working even better. Always somebody to bounce ideas off of and somebody to ask for help.”
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