Project Horseshoe Farm

About Project Horseshoe Farm

Project Horseshoe Farm (HSF) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded on the idea that we must come together as communities around our strengths to meet the needs of our children, seniors, and adults with mental illness. Based in the rural community of Greensboro, Alabama, we believe that grassroots organizations led by community based service leaders are important to providing leadership, structure, and support to help communities more effectively come together to support our vulnerable members. We believe that by working together and sharing responsibility for helping the vulnerable among us, we can create stronger communities and places to live. Project Horseshoe Farm is grateful to have been a part of a community wide effort to put these ideas into action here in Greensboro, Alabama.

Since its founding in 2007, Horseshoe Farm has grown to become a multifaceted service and leadership development organization. We aim to build on the strengths of our wonderful community, improve the quality of life of our vulnerable neighbors, and prepare citizen service leaders for tomorrow’s communities. Our innovative programs help support and improve the health, and quality of life, of adults in our community. We also serve children in our community through a comprehensive K-12 after school program. Finally, we offer a unique one-year Fellowship for top recent college graduates interested in the intersection of leadership, service, and community. Shorter internship opportunities for undergraduates, medical students, and allied health students are also available.


Community Health Fellow

June 2019 Marion, AL
“This fellowship opportunity has exposed me to a variety of experiences, ideas, principles, and people that have taught me an incredible amount of information, techniques, and approaches that would not have been possible by following a traditional academic curriculum purely. Learning about real-world obstacles and adversities faced by the population we served will undoubtedly enhance my ability to care for similar persons in my professional pursuits. I could not possibly emphasize the benefits of this opportunity any more. ”
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