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About Project Momentum

We are the Momentum.

The momentum starts from within. We have built the best team from across the country to be able to provide the best services for our clients. How do we know our team is the best? We have not only hand selected every member, we continuously develop them to be on top of current market trends and sales strategies. We are confident that not only will our proven system grow your brand, we will also grow your business tenfold.

Our belief is that your company is only as strong as your team. We develop our team to be the best of the best. We provide training, continuous development seminars to keep our team on trend. The best only stay the best if they keep up the momentum.



January 2020 - January 2020 El Monte, CA
“This job was a complete scam. After going through a series of interviews, I was hired. However, after several days of radio silence, I reached out to the hiring manager. I was hired during the COVID-19 outbreak, and was told there were no socially distant options for the position. Furthermore, I scheduled a call to talk about my concerns. Not did they not answer at the time of the call, but they never followed up. It has been over a month and this team has yet to respond to me. Furthermore, I found SEVERAL other businesses with the same description (albeit different names) operating out of the same location in El Monte. The social media profiles of the employees of the company state that they work for various different companies. I suspect this is nothing but a scheme. I would not apply to this "company." ”
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