Project Transformation North Texas

About Project Transformation North Texas

Project Transformation North Texas provides mentorship and holistic services (focused on social emotional learning and literacy) for 1,000 children and youth, grades 1-12, when they are not in school – both afterschool and during the summer. Our local church partners and the young adults who serve as mentors through our programs are building the next generation of leaders that North Texas needs.


OUR MISSION: Our mission is to transform communities by engaging children, college-age young adults, and churches in purposeful relationships.

OUR VISION: We envision a world that is rooted in love, pursues the equity of all people, and amplifies God's call on every life.

OUR CORE VALUES: Empowerment of Young People, Servant Leadership, Holistic Development, Intentional Community, Connectional Ministry, Discernment of Purpose, Wesleyan Practice of Faith & Mutual Relationships


Elementary Member

May 2021 - July 2021 Dallas, TX
“I loved the experience of traveling to a new place and meeting new people to work alongside to serve children.”

Reading Coordinator

May 2021 - August 2021 Dallas, TX
“I liked how it was a different experience from my major. I decided to do this job so I can decide if I want to pursue a teaching career. I also liked how I got to meet people from different universities and different faith journeys.”
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