Project Transformation Pacific Northwest

About Project Transformation Pacific Northwest

Relationships of mutuality are at the heart of everything we do.

Our mission is to engage young adults in purposeful leadership and ministry, support children in holistic development, and connect churches with communities.

Project Transformation provides two key services:
1. Leadership development and career/ministry exploration opportunities for college age young adults through summer service internships.
2. Community-oriented summer day camp programming for children from low-income neighborhoods with an emphasis on literacy and social-emotional learning.

Our young adult interns provide this second service, giving them authentic, hands-on experiences leading high-quality, structured programs for children and equally important, learning from the children in the program.

Our programs are strategically housed in churches in low-income communities. This partnership between host churches and Project Transformation is designed so that churches can make new connections and form meaningful relationships of mutuality with families in their immediate neighborhood.

(There is no proselytizing of children in Project Transformation programs)


Elementary School Teacher

May 2019 - August 2019 Dallas, TX
“I love the kids foremost Working with kids who come from broken homes, low income families; Kids with autism and more. Especially if u can relate to them ot really hit home. The bomding and connections you make with them and the people there are truly a blesssing. Being anle to interact and letting them know they have a voice and that we are here for them is so rewarding and makes you cherish them more.”
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