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About Proliant, Inc

Proliant provides a fully integrated, cloud-based human capital management solution that simplifies payroll and HR processes, improves accuracy, and ensures industry compliance. From day one, Proliant’s dedicated account managers work closely with clients to ensure they get the most out of their investment.

Our all-in-one solution simplifies every aspect of workforce and talent management across the entire employment life cycle. Everyone in your organization—from the C-suite to managers and employees—benefits from using Proliant’s easy to use, innovative platform. Our people are dedicated to helping your team manage their most critical assets—your people.

Proliant delivers a perfect balance of technology and services supported by experienced industry experts. Over the years we have invested time in developing innovative products that solve complex regulatory issues. Proliant is the workforce management solution of choice for over 4,000 companies nationwide.

"Proliant has done a great job managing all of our HR and tax service needs, but it’s their people and customer service that have made Proliant our most preferred vendor.” - CFO for a prominent Atlanta legal firm


Sales Executive

August 2019 Raleigh, NC
“Proliant truly exemplifies what it means to put your people first. The fast pace and exciting culture creates an environment where success is guaranteed. The intense training and development program that is provided allows you to gain all tools and knowledge to prepare you for your first sales meeting. I am surrounded with people who believe in me and want me to be successful. I am excited for my future at Proliant! ”

Sales Executive

August 2019 Detroit, MI
“Proliant has very welcoming culture, they take pride in their training program and ensure that everyone is on the same page. I really enjoy how innovative and adaptive the company is, this is a people first company and they really hold true to that internally as well. I also love being in the sales department because we have absolutely wonderful products to sell and the business opportunities are endless. I believe I have a very bright future in Proliant.”
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