Provenance Hotels

About Provenance Hotels

Provenance Hotels specializes in award-winning urban boutique hotels with industry-leading amenties and a distinct, deeply integrated art story.

Today’s traveler is looking for something different. Something interesting. Something enticing. And yet, something with that specialized service we’ve all come to expect from a luxury hotel. Provenance Hotels does just that, treating every guest to a unique cultural story that inextricably links each individual property to our core brand. And yes, catering to their every need.

The identities we create at each of our hotels, allow guests to form personal connections with the local community, the featured art and the hotel staff. Whether it’s Murano’s international glass collection or the deLuxe’s tribute to the Golden Era of Film, our contemporary hotels provide far more than just an inviting place to lay your head. We create savvy, branded experiences that highlight the culture of the city in which each hotel is located.



May 2018 - August 2018 Stillwater, MN
“I loved working for provenance excellent management ”
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