Pure Romance

Digital Marketing Intern

May 2019 • Cincinnati, OH

What I liked

I loved everything about this co-op! I was on the eCommerce team and my teammates were so amazing. During my first rotation with Pure Romance I had such an incredible role model of a boss. He taught me more in one summer than I ever thought was possible. I got very close with each of my teammates which lead me to learn even more than I should have within this co-op. Two people on my team were very much on the analytical side of eCommerce which improved my analytical skills. I got to also learn more about what goes into designing advertisements, promotional emails, and website layouts from the designer on my team. Last, I learned how to create facebook ads, coding, planning quarters and so much more from the digital marketing member of our team!

What I wish was different

I wish I would have known about this co-op sooner!


Be confident with your ideas. In the beginning of my internship I was felt very timid to speak my opinion on different types of projects. I finally got the courage to voice my opinion and I am so glad I did. My team has ran with so many projects/ideas that I came up with.
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