Purposeful Growth Institute

About Purposeful Growth Institute

Purposeful Growth Institute (PGI) is a nonprofit corporation (501c3 status pending) with the mission to develop the leaders required for a more inclusive and sustainable version of capitalism that is fair and healthy for all people and our planet.

PGI has emerged from the certified B Corp, Inspiring Capital (IC). After 10 years of leadership development and placement, IC developed frameworks, tools, content, partnerships, and programming that is now being made available to PGI to deliver on this charitable mission. PGI was established to seize the opportunity for transformation to a fairer and healthier way of working that our leadership and partners see in 2021 and onward.


Undergraduate Fellow

June 2018 - August 2018 New York City, NY
“Inspiring Capital promotes a very employee-centric program. Its training program is unique in that it not only emphasizes Inspiring Capital's unique mission of promoting social benefit through entrepreneurial means, but it also is cognizant of the fact that its MBA's and undergraduates are looking for other experiences afterward. Mentorship was strong and I learned various skills that have propelled me toward getting job experience in more relevant fields. ”

Undergraduate Impact Consulting Fellow

June 2018 New York City, NY
“I was opened to a wide network of people I would have otherwise never have had the opportunity to meet. I was trusted with a great deal of responsibly and hands-on experience. More hands-on experience than I would have had the opportunity to be involved with at other internships I was looking at.”
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