Rancho Terra Norte

About Rancho Terra Norte

Rancho Terra Norte’ is an agri-tourism business that strives to improve the canine-human bond through the unique partnership of herding.
Our farm also raises a flock of Katahdin x Barbado sheep and a herd of Registered Kiko goats. We host sanctioned herding trials, clinics, and a large summer herding symposium that hosts trainers from across the country.
In addition to the herding facility, RTN is home to Terra Norte' German Shepherd Dogs. We raise, train and exhibit this noble breed in both the conformation and performance arenas.


Livestock management

October 2019 - May 2022 Breckenridge, CO
“This was a phenomenal internship that gave me the skills and confidence I needed to work with a wide variety of animals. Sheep, goats, ducks, dogs, horses and more! I learned about management techniques, health care, areas of concern and things to look for when working with each type of animal and more! These are skills that I now apply daily in my job. I cannot recommend Rancho Terra Norte and Val highly enough!”
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