Account Services Intern

June - August 2019 • Costa Mesa, CA

What I liked

First and foremost, I really enjoyed the office culture at Rauxa. Every employee in each of the departments were always open to questions that the interns had. Before my internship at Rauxa, I had zero knowledge of the extensive advertising industry. However, I left my internship in August with an extensive knowledge of each of the advertising departments including account services, strategy, creative, and media. With there only being two interns (including myself) at the Costa Mesa Rauxa office, we were always kept busy which I especially enjoyed. Another favorite thing that I liked about working in account services was the exposure I had to the numerous Rauxa clients. I was in constant contact via Zoom and in-person meetings with clients such as Monster Energy, Citi National Bank, and Vans. I could not have asked for a better experience.

What I wish was different

The only thing that I wish had been different was for the program to be extended a month.


One piece of advice that I can give about this experience is to be ready to work! I had very minimal downtime (which I personally find to be a plus). But when there is downtime, always reach out to the account department executives if you can help them with anything. They will greatly appreciate it.
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