About Ravago

We are Ravago, a leading global manufacturer and distributor of plastics, rubber and chemicals. In addition to that, we are a “family company” in the truest sense of the word. During our more than 50 years of existence our family has grown from a small Belgian team to an international group of over 5,000 employees. Together with them, we endeavor to maintain the same corporate values as a half century ago: professional expertise in combination with personal modesty. As an international company, we have more than 200 subsidiaries located in about 50 countries, and supply over 4 million metric tons of polymers to more than 40,000 active buying customers. Our restless ambition is to capture rising opportunities on a global scale and to pursue sustainable growth. With over 5,000 employees, the Ravago team services the full range of industrial players - from local converters to large multinationals. This global presence enables us to thrive on in-house market intelligence, which covers the entire petrochemical industry. Thanks to our 4 main activities - Distribution, Resale, Recycling & Compounding, Finished Products-, we manage a tremendous amount of market information, communicated via trade tools on a daily basis, in order to take effective business decisions in a timely manner. Our worldwide knowledge and our people are the keys to our unique strengths and leading position. If you want more information about our passionate and experienced family company, please visit!


Commercial Development Program Co-op

June 2019 - August 2019 Maitland, FL
“One highlight was the opportunity to travel to Chicago and work alongside several account managers. For three days I shadowed multiple salespeople to multiple plastic manufacturers. Presenting on these experiences gained along with learning the internal processes of the distribution chain allowed me to better understand the goals of the company and how I could be a great employee.”

CRM commercial development intern

November 2017 Orlando, FL
“I was allowed to stay on the internship until I graduate.”
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