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About RCL Engineering Group

Headquartered in southwest Waukesha, the RCL Engineering Group is an interdisciplinary firm of roof consultants, structural engineers, and architects that specializes in the investigation, analysis, and design of solutions for the building enclosure. Our team of consultants utilize the hands-on experience gained from conducting thousands of investigations, and structural design of building components to deliver innovative, robust, technically sound solutions to our clients that are practical and cost effective. Our clients recognize the value of maintaining their buildings. Since our founding thirty-seven years ago, we have assisted them with challenges to new and existing construction, commercial, historic and contemporary buildings.

Originally incorporated in 1980 as Roofing Consultants Ltd., our firm is one of the pioneer’s in the roof consulting industry. Roofing Consultants Ltd., now the RCL Engineering Group, is uniquely qualified and equipped to perform the services we offer. We are a professional engineering firm with our engineers licensed in 17 different states. However, unlike your typical engineering firm, we specialize in the building enclosure. Our design professionals have in-depth knowledge of the cutting-edge systems that comprise the modern high-performance building enclosure as well as years of extensive real-world experience analyzing and designing solutions to older building envelope challenges. These unique skills give us the ability to perform structural analysis and design, commissioning of the building enclosure and provide other services that many other building consulting firms simply can’t offer.

We’ve received a lot of feedback over the years from our customers. They regularly express satisfaction with the professionalism of our staff, the ability of our firm to respond quickly and the fact that our reports are thorough yet “user-friendly.


Architectural Drafter Intern

May 2021 - August 2021 Waukesha, WI
“I loved the environment in the job I felt like i was part of a greater family while I was there.”
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