Real Alloy

Mechanical Engineering Intern

January - May 2023 • Beachwood, OH

What I liked

I liked the whole experience while working at Real Alloy. It was the first time I was working at a company based in the States. A lot of the things were new to me. I had to learn new software as the modeling software used at Real Alloy was completely new to me. I worked mostly on projects related to designing, such as designing safety stands, and door stands. Other projects were to look for answers to different problems. Overall my experience was great.

What I wish was different

My experience at Real Alloy was amazing. The engineering team was great. The things I wish I had done differently were to be a bit more interactive with the people around me and ask for help more frequently. There are still many things I would have done differently but I won't go back and change them as it made me who I am today. I try to learn from my mistakes and try to overcome those mistakes to do better next time. My experience as a whole was extremely good and would help me in the future.


My one piece would be to enjoy your time at the company, don't worry about the results. Be proactive and try to learn as much as possible as it would be really helpful for you in the future and do not waste your time as lost time never comes back. Try to come out of your comfort zone to learn new things. Meet every person with a smile and try to learn from them as much as you can, as there is always something to learn from others. Set realistic goals for yourself and do your best to achieve the goals. Most importantly be a team player. Always help others and be humble.
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