Repligen Corporation

About Repligen Corporation

Repligen Corporation (NASDAQ:RGEN) is a bioprocessing company focused on the development, manufacture and commercialization of highly innovative products used to manufacture biologic drugs. Our bioprocessing products are sold to major life sciences companies, biopharmaceutical development companies and contract manufacturing organizations worldwide. We are the leading manufacturer of Protein A affinity ligands, a critical component of Protein A resins that are used to separate and purify monoclonal antibody-based therapeutics. In upstream processes, our XCell™ ATF systems and cell culture growth factors are used to accelerate and increase product yield during the fermentation stage of biologic drug manufacturing. In downstream processes, we developed and market our innovative line of OPUS® chromatography columns that we deliver pre-packed with our customers’ choice of resin for their bench-scale through clinical production-scale purification needs. Repligen’s corporate headquarters are in Waltham, MA (USA) and our manufacturing facilities are located in Waltham, MA, Lund, Sweden and Weingarten, Germany.


Accountant Intern

September 2017 Rancho Dominguez, CA
“How welcoming the finance and accounting team was to my first internship. But, what I enjoyed the most is the hard lessons I took from being my first ever job/internship. I had extreme difficulty with excel because I had never used it. I was able to learn from co-workers rather than a class. Which is more exciting because you see your work actually being used by your team, and that gives you satisfaction. ”
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