SAVANT (formerly CareQuality, LLC) is built for and trusted by the quality-driven. Through our team of Live Call Interviewers, we provide comment-rich feedback and data to healthcare providers - allowing them to maximize the experiences and care they deliver.

We help providers ask their patients and staff the best survey questions, learn from their satisfaction data, promote their strongest reviews, and grow through high-quality lead generation.



February 2021 - September 2021 Athens, GA
“I loved the flexibility of this job! It is perfect for full time students or people with multiple jobs! You have the ability to work on your own time, and you can work from home! Training is easy and allows you to start working quickly! Management is incredible and works with your schedule so you are never too overwhelmed. They are also quick to respond to you if you were to have any questions or difficulties during the job. ”


October 2021 Atlanta, GA
“This job is really flexible and you can work the hours you want to. I like that you can build your own schedule. The management is great and super easy to work with. ”
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