Schlesinger Group Baltimore

Qualitative Assistant

August 2018 • Towson, MD

What I liked

Baltimore Research has flexible hours. I am currently in school and they make sure that my schedule aligns with my school schedule. If i have an exam coming up, they will allow me to reduce my hours or allow me to switch schedules so that I have time to study. It is rare that you find a job that actually cares about your performance in school as long as you remain professional and notify the managers ahead of time.

What I wish was different

I wish they would pay more especially because you never know exactly when you will be able to clock out. Also, i wish hours were more fixed (set in stone. ex. schedule says 3pm-9pm-->get off at 9:30pm, not 10/11pm).


Do not be afraid to speak up to your coworkers if you feel they are not carrying their weight. Know your worth and do not allow clients to walk over you--assert yourself ina professional manner and if you think you cannot--> notify a manager or project manager.
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