Schumetta Inc.

Project Planning Intern

September - December 2019 • Malibu, CA

What I liked

This job is so applicable to my future career. I want to go into real estate development post college. With my job at Schumetta Inc. I get to learn all about the planning and permitting process for all kinds of different projects. I didn’t think I would get to learn this kind of material in college.

What I wish was different

Sometimes my schedule is a little unpredictable. The reason for that is because different projects don’t always require action. Some days there is a lot of stuff that needs to get done and other days are more quiet.


My advice would be for college students to look for a job that actually pertains to their future. I always thought that I would just get a job in college for the paycheck. With my job now, it’s a great resumé builder, it pays great, and at the end of the day I’m taking away valuable life experiences and skills that will help me in my future.
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