SCSU - Pre-College Program

Summer Camp Counselor

June - August 2018 • St. Cloud, MN

What I liked

It was an amazing opportunity to develop management skills. I love working with middle and high school students so communicating with them about college and stimulating their passion was interesting. The camp events were also fun because the counselors had to plan the events with the students which built fantastic relationships.

What I wish was different



Make sure you communicate with students as much as possible, it's so easy to allow them to talk to their friends and class mates only. However, the counselors talking more among themselves and not interacting with the kids is terrible. Being on time is also important as sometimes students don't look at their schedules and forget where they are meant to be. If the counselors don't get to the right location on time and some students aren't there either, that becomes a problem. Overall just have fun!
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