SDG Architects, Inc.


June - September 2017 • Brentwood, CA

What I liked

The firm currently uses AutoCAD for design developement and they take a lot of time to teach you how to use their system. Once you learn how to use their CAD system you start working on projects. You're put on a team and work mainly with that team for the summer and help other teams as needed or when you want to get a feel for something else. The people were great! Its a very familial, close knit group of people who've been working together for years and their expertise in California residential design is great. I lived in Brentwood, so my commute was short, however if you live anywhere west of Brentwood your commute won't be too bad because you'll be going against traffic.

What I wish was different

Sometimes there were lulls in the internship (times where I didn't have much to do). I like to have a list of tasks to get done so if there's anything else that needs to get added to my list I can visually prioritize it. However, I heard that was quite unusual for that time of the year. So hopefully you'll have plenty to do!


Know the basics of CAD!
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