Seaman Corporation

New Business Development Intern

June - August 2019 • Wooster, OH

What I liked

I enjoyed my first experience in the business world, just getting to see how businesses function and work was great, before I had only gained learning and experience from class. I had a great time working with people, and doing research on my summer project. I also presented my research throughout my time there and gained great experience in both preparation of a presentation and the actual presenting in front of others as well.

What I wish was different

I felt that I was "in over my head" at first: This was tough, but the more I got to working the more I realized that I was learning as I went along.


At first, I was worried that I didn't know enough or have enough experience for the internship, but I would warn any student going in to an internship that they do not need to worry: an internship is a learning experience. No employer will expect you to be an expert, but they will expect a good attitude and willingness to work hard and be teachable. Go ready to learn and you will do great :)
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