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About Second Order Effects Inc

Second Order Effects (SOE) is a California based engineering firm specializing in custom electronics. We tackle a wide range of projects in the aerospace, automotive, industrial, and commercial sectors. SOE designs and builds electric motor drivers, power electronics, flight control systems, wireless communication devices, antennas, optical and RF sensors, video cameras, and embedded computers. Our designs have gone into self-driving cars, satellites, automated factories, rocket engines, and household consumer electronics.


Electrical Engineering Intern

June 2019 El Segundo, CA
“What makes working at Second Order Effects so much different (and better!) than my previous internship opportunities is how integral you are to the team. At SOE, Interns operate and collaborate in nearly the same way as full time hires, which has given me an experience that closely resembles what my job could be following graduation. As well, with SOE being a consulting company, the breadth of projects you work on give you exposure to every corner of engineering, which has allowed me to better understand what I want my career to be. Most importantly, at SOE you have real responsibilities and become an essential part of any project you work on, so there is no such thing as being a "Coffee-Intern" at Second Order Effects.”
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