Remote Volunteer Caller

May 2020 • San Diego, CA

What I liked

I love the opportunity to get to know the seniors that I talk to and hearing about their experiences because they are so different from mine. I love how I can also make someone's day by giving them a call because oftentimes, especially seniors who live alone, it can be rare to have someone to talk to.

What I wish was different

There is a personal boundary that I can't cross, and rightly so, but it can be difficult making conversation without getting a little personal sometimes. I wish there was a way to have genuine and lively conversation without this personal space being violated.


You don't have to sign up to volunteer. Reach out to those around you who might need a little uplifting every now and then, especially if they don't really have friends and family to support them. You might not make a huge contribution to your community, but you can make a difference in that person's life.
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