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Athletes spend their lives engaging in team-based activities where they are rewarded for performance-based outcomes. Competitive drive, work ethic, and the desire to win are innate qualities of those performing at elite levels. Athletes at this level must have discipline, resilience, and grit. These are the intangible parts of any elite athlete’s identity. When combined with confidence, curiosity, and coachability, these traits separate great athletes – and great salespeople.

Salesmanship can be taught. It requires the right attitude, habits, and skills – learned, practiced, and repeated in the right environment in order to be mastered.

Shift Group has taken decades of knowledge in building elite sales organizations and an intimate understanding of the key skills needed for a successful career in tech sales to build a best-in-breed curriculum. On top of that, Shift Group provides hands-on training and prep that helps to produce some of the best salespeople in the world.

Once an athlete finishes our training, we provide them access to hiring managers at Startups, Fortune 500’s, and other organizations building out sales teams across the globe – coaching them through every step of the interview process.


Business Development Consultant

June 2022 - August 2022 Boston, MA
“The team at Shift Group are all genuinely invested in the goal of transitioning athletes into tech sales. The experience and one on one attention one can expect to receive is unique. The team is welcoming and helpful and JR is an incredibly generous leader.”
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