What exactly does a "Strategy Intern" do at Siemens Corporation?

The content of a strategy internship at Siemens will depend greatly on the department. During this internship, I was not involved in the day to day business of the Strategy office in the Distributed Generation department, but was instead conducting a research project independently for that office...
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Was there some sort of training or onboarding program available to you when you started your internship with Siemens Corporation?

I did not receive any training during my Strategy internship with Siemens. I was conducting an independent project and only had weekly supervising. My supervisor often helped steer me in a certain direction or helped me decide which kind of analysis to conduct, but most of it was learning by doin...
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In your opinion, what were the benefits of being a Strategy intern at Siemens Corporation?

What I liked about working as a strategy intern with Siemens was the freedom to steer my own research, which really helped prepare me for independent academic work. Otherwise, it was exciting to learn about the oil and gas industry, which I didn’t know much about. I also really liked my colleague...
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Have you ever tried negotiating your way to a better package at Siemens Corporation?

I received the offer through the German summer work program (SWP). I simply applied to the program, listed my interests, and was matched with the Distributed Generation strategy office within Siemens. I did not negotiate the salary and took what was offered—I’m not sure it’s possible to negotiate...
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Was there a fair amount of work ownership as an intern at Siemens Corporation?

After the assignment of my ask, I had full ownership and responsibility for reaching the objectives. Siemens employees pride themselves of a working in an Ownership Culture, where it is said that every individual should apply the level of performance and vigor as if it was their own company. Howe...
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What was is the work environment like at Siemens Corporation? Favorite aspects of it?

Siemens is a very dynamic and innovative company. This, in my opinion, makes it a very interesting place to work. The people that work here, are usually very qualified at their respective areas. Siemens does a great deal to keep people in the company. The most striking discovery I had about Sieme...
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For those that are involved in the sales department at Siemens Corporation, were you restricted to higher authority or were you more free to do your own tasks?

Generally, one is quite free. Of course one also has specific goals/forecasts to reach each month as communicated from one’s boss and the boss’ boss. I can only refer to my department experience. I was taking care of the some European countries in the beginning, later assigned to Middle East and ...
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