Sierra Medical Support

About Sierra Medical Support

We are a locally owned medical scribe company that employs mainly pre-med and pre-PA students to scribe at local hospitals. We are currently accepting Emergency Department Medical Scribes applicants for training in Summer 2023.

A scribe is a person who accurately documents patient-physician interactions in real-time and in-person via an electronic medical system. Scribing is a great clinical experience for science-focused students who plan to attend professional schools.


Medical scribe/scribe supervisor

July 2019 Reno, NV
“I appreciated the schedule flexibility, the relationships (both professional and personal) you form with doctors and hospital staff, as well as the first hand exposure to emergency medicine. ”

Emergency Department Scribe

January 2020 Reno, NV
“As an ED scribe, I was thrown into the medical field head first, and emerged into the world of patient care. I quickly grew to understand medical terminology, disease pathophysiology, the flow of care in an emergency department, and how to interact with physicians and other medical staff. I can now fluently talk medical jargon with techs, nurses, and physicians, and I really understand the role of a physician. Being a scribe teaches you how to think like a physician, and how to write notes like a physician. When you start to get really good at the craft of scribing, you can anticipate what kind of tests, imaging, and exam findings you may see in common chronic medical conditions. Scribing prepared me for my future as a physician, and made becoming an EMT easy. I highly recommend this job to anyone pursuing a career in the medical field. It will truly show you if this is the world you want to be a part of.”
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