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About Simple Modern

We exist to give generously and are a growing a multi-category lifestyle brand differentiated by stylish selection, committed to creating and continuously improving remarkable products.  Our values are excellence, generosity, humility, growth mindset, and collaboration.  We give away 10% of profits to charity and value people over profits.

We were founded in Oklahoma in 2015 and have seen steady growth in all of our categories including water bottles, tumblers, backpacks, and more with many of these being customizable as well.  As we've grown our categories we've also expanded where we sell as we can now be found on,,, and other online marketplaces.  In the brick and mortar space, our products are sold at Target, Sam's Club, Meijer, as well as regional specialty stores.  Brand partnerships have included Disney, Nickelodeon, the NFL, NCAA, NBA, Nina Westbrook's company Minibrook, Lauren Tannehill, and others.   As we grow our sales and reach, we continue to invest in worthwhile non-profits that are involved in providing education, sustainable hydration, and reducing human trafficking.


Custom team

August 2019 Oklahoma City, OK
“It’s a great job with flexibility ”
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