Simply Social Kids

About Simply Social Kids

We provide social skills coaching to children and teens with ADHD, high functioning autism, anxiety, and general social awkwardness both online and in person. Our social skills groups have a refreshingly non-clinical approach with an emphasis on resiliency and fun.


Social Coach's Assistant

June 2021 Tyngsborough, MA
“I love that the programs are centered around kids interacting with each other in a natural setting in which social coaching can be used to bring awareness to a situation in that moment. I also love how important and relevant lessons are incorporated into the games and activities during the groups. I also love how the program's approach is centered around positive psychology and resilience where we highlight what the kids are doing well. The woman who runs Simply Social Kids, Nadine Briggs, is an absolute pleasure to work with and I have learned so much from her as well as the kids in her program.”
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