Simutronics Corp

About Simutronics Corp

Simutronics is one of the longest-running independent game development studios in North America. As a leader in the business of massively multiplayer games, we’ve made persistent worlds that people continue to play today. We’ve branched out into creating mobile titles as well, with award-winning games that have topped the game charts and achieved praise from countless reviewers. We’re based in St. Louis, Missouri, and our team consists of over 30 creative and enthusiastic people.

Over the years, we’ve collaborated with a number of companies to develop entertaining games based on popular licenses and brands, including Universal Studios, Microsoft Game Studios, Sony, Viacom, Time Warner, Microprose, and our newest partner, Build-A-Bear. We also continue to develop and publish our own games across multiple platforms.


Production Intern

June 2022 St. Louis, MO
“I was immediately welcomed into the team as an equal and was given plenty of opportunities to enjoy what I was doing. I got to witness a lot of professional game design, primarily post-production efforts like play-testing. As Simutronics is an older indie company, I was able to network with several highly-experienced game designers. I also received feedback and assistance with my own game design projects and greatly valued what I learned regarding technical details and more principle ideas in game design.”
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