Sinking Creek Land and Cattle, LLC

About Sinking Creek Land and Cattle, LLC

We are a farm-oriented business, committed to bringing high quality, wholesome meats right from the farm to your table for the whole family to enjoy. As more and more people are making healthy eating choices, Sinking Creek Grass-Fed is proud to be a supplier of all-natural, grass-fed Angus beef.



July 2019 - August 2019 New Castle, VA
“I loved being around all the animals and learning how to take care of them. I also liked all the work we did in the beautiful outdoors. The homemade cooking was also to die for! Along with working, we did a lot of fun activities to keep our minds fresh.”


July 2018 - August 2018 New Castle, VA
“Just about everything! My supervisors were extremely nice and compassionate. Everyday we had something new to learn and do, so it never got repetitive or boring. We had several projects over the time of the internship that we had to complete, which actually were useful. For example, one project thee had us do was to design a barn that would hold a specific amount of hay, and our design plan went into consideration for how a new barn will be designed on their farm in Tennessee. Our supervisors also made sure to include fun activities after work hours, increasing our bonding as a team, as well as establishing just a personal connection with them in general. ”
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