Skyland Camp & Retreats

About Skyland Camp & Retreats

For more than 100 years, campers have come to Skyland Camp in the Great Smoky Mountains to discover something amazing: themselves. Through fun and challenging activities, we help generations of campers get in touch with their own unique strengths and develop a healthy sense of self. Campers connect with each other in authentic ways and form meaningful friendships that often last a lifetime. Skyland campers return year after year as campers, counselors and visiting alumnae well into their 80s and 90s!

We offer an intentionally small overnight camp experience with no more than 50 campers per session. Skyland feels welcoming to even the most timid first-time camper, and is the perfect size to encourage each camper’s personal development.

Skyland’s mission is to change the world… one conversation… one experience… one camper at a time.

We believe that what we do every day has the power to change the world. Every conversation, every experience and every moment is an opportunity to uplift another person and to inspire greatness.


Art Counselor

May 2019 - August 2019 Asheville, NC
“I loved being outdoors and learning skills that are not normally taught in an office job or at school. ”
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