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The 401(k) plan is more important today than it’s ever been before. By all indications, a retirement funded by Social Security will soon become a thing of the past, leaving only those who properly prepared in a position to enjoy a secure and stable future.

It’s with that mindset that we approach every aspect of our business here at Slavic. Our participant-investors have entrusted us with a significant portion of their earnings; a portion of their work, and therefore a portion of their livelihood. Our stewardship of that livelihood is something we don’t take lightly, and that’s why words like honesty, transparency, integrity & fairness are spoken regularly within our four walls.

While it’s no secret that our business comes down to dollars and cents, we refuse to treat our clients like just another number. We value each person - regardless of their role or relationship with us - as an individual with unique needs & goals, challenges & dreams. That’s why we’ve carefully architected all of our services - from our inviting enrollment process to our friendly and competent customer service team, and everything in between - with the individual investor’s experience in mind.

At Slavic401k, we are dedicated to serving as an industry-leading provider of 401(k) services in the multiple employer plan (MEP) and single employer plan environments. Additionally, we work with financial advisors to provide cost-effective 401(k) plans for businesses across all industry verticals.


HR Intern

May 2019 Boca Raton, FL
“Slavic401k has a diverse and inclusive culture that makes going to work extremely enjoyable. I began as an HR Intern and was extended a permanent offer after 90 days. During my 90 days, I was able to work directly alongside our HR Manager to learn first-hand about Slavic's recruitment process. ”
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