Sneak Peek Books

Children's Literature Reviewer

May - August 2023 • Kennesaw, GA

What I liked

I liked how the work was structured as a freelance style, rather than required listings or specific timelines. I also appreciated the opportunity to improve my writing skills through the editing process of submitting a book review.

What I wish was different

I wish there had been greater communication between myself and the internship coordinator, as there were a few times when I believed I could read a certain book because I thought it fell under my jurisdiction, but my coordinator directed me to other books instead. I was planning to use this internship to prepare for my future teaching career by reading a bunch of books for my class of 5th graders in the fall, but there were several that I was unable to read due to requirements.


You have to have strong time management skills for this internship, as it is completely self-directed (except for the monthly requirement of book reviews) and time moves faster than you expect when you aren't paying close attention to it.
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