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I'll soon be interviewing for an actuarial internship at Society Insurance, got any pointers?

I think there are three things you can do to prepare for an interview with Society Insurance. Make sure you are familiar with P&C insurance as Society is a P&C company. Make sure you study their website and are comfortable talking about what Society does. Have concrete examples of times you've us...
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Looking for an insider's point of view on the daily tasks of an actuarial intern at Society Insurance!

A typical day for me at Society would be arriving between 7:30-8:00 AM, start working at my cubicle on projects that I was trying to finish the day before for about an hour while the rest of the Actuaries arrive. The morning is spread out with coffee breaks, new assignments from my supervisor, an...
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Anybody willing to provide some insight into the company culture at Society Insurance?

The company culture is very welcoming at Society. I always felt welcome to go talk to the other interns, check in with HR, there wasn't anyone that felt like they were too good to talk to an intern. The actuarial department was exceptionally quick fitted and funny and will take a few days to spee...
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Will I have much "free time" as an actuarial intern at Society Insurance?

My experience was work 8 hours a day, take an hour to rest and eat, and then start my studying for actuarial exams 7-10 PM. However I made sure that I would take time to hangout with the other interns around town, take weekend day trips to Madison or Milwaukee. Hang around the lakeside park in th...
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What attributes might contribute to my success as an actuarial intern at Society Insurance?

I would say the top three technical skills you need are Excel, VBA, and SQL knowledge. After that, interpersonal skills and communication are important because you will be interacting with many people in the company.
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