SolBe Learning

Graphic Design Intern

June - August 2019 • Newton, MA

What I liked

I really enjoyed the workspace environment I had. Since SolBe is a startup, I was one of four employees in the office during the day. I was able to develop close relationships with my supervisor and the President of SolBe. It was a really warm and welcoming place, and I was lucky enough to get a chance to visit again over my Thanksgiving break in November 2019. They also valued my work and my input on the projects I was doing. I wasn't there to just get small things done—the projects I did mattered to the company and they were audibly grateful for my efforts.

What I wish was different

Very little. If anything, more variance in the work. Much of what I did was similar in nature so while I got good and fast at it, I was looking to switch up the projects after a bit.


Be outgoing! If there are only four of you in an office it will be tough and awkward for everyone if you don't talk!
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