Solid Rock Bible Camp - Soldotna, Alaska

About Solid Rock Bible Camp - Soldotna, Alaska

Solid Rock Bible Camp is a 200 acre inter-denominational Bible camp located on the Kenai Peninsula in South-Central Alaska. We operate youth camping programs on at our multi faceted facility surrounding Miracle Lake, as well as in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and the Chugach National Forest. Volunteer staff are valued members of our community and important to our operations. As summer staff, you will be responsible for communicating with your supervisor and mentor regarding not just your schedule, but your interests, your goals, and if you
need help with meeting your commitments. We seek to provide you with opportunities to grow towards your goals and to explore vocational ministry life; you must invest in the process for it to be successful for you. Summer staff commit to volunteering at Solid Rock for 8 weeks and have opportunities to learn a variety of job skills, gain experience in vocational ministry, and assist in many areas of camp operations. Our operations include the summer camp programs, youth environmental education classes, outdoor skills classes, day camps, and horsemanship classes. To support these programs, we have an array of specialty staff opportunities in the areas of maintenance, development, food service, administrative, hospitality, food service, clerical, janitorial work, and horse care.



March 2020 Soldotna, AK
“I liked learning how to lead children in various physical and spiritual activities. ”
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