Solstice Sleep Products Inc.

Mechanical Engineering Intern

August 2021 • Columbus, OH

What I liked

Working at Solstice sleep has been a great experience for me. While working as an intern , I have learned, understood and experience various aspects of a corporate world and application of Engineering principles to real time problems. The best part of working here is the supportive work environment where I wasn't treated like just an intern , rather I was valued like a team member. One of the key factors towards my career growth is the mentorship and progressive culture in the company. I got to learn things about the manufacturing industry that no book could teach but only experience. The projects I worked during my internship were all different yet highly practical and not just the paperwork. I was given the freedom to think and work as per my convenience which helped me with better research and understanding of my projects. Building machines that aids the material handling on the shop floor and improves efficiency gave me a sense of true engineering spirit. I feel like my work actually matters . Since my projects were not restricted to engineering , I got exposed to multiple desciples in the company that had only increased my overall understanding of a manufacturing facility. Another aspect of this internship is that I got to travel to different plant locations and meet a lot of people with vast variety of experiences. Amongts the countless learnings , these are the few that really helped me in my career path- - Improved communication -Improved descision making - Better work / task planning - A change in perpective about the smallest and biggest tasks and their effects on the company - clarity about career path - increased sense of responsibility - Improved team building and collaborative skills - hands on experience with product developement and management Overall , I'd like to say that I have enjoyed working. The team is very welcoming and resourceful for a student like me to learn and grow.

What I wish was different

I can not think of anything to be different here as everything I have witnessed is systematic . The only thing I wish I had known is to speak spanish as it'd have given me a chance to better interact with spanish speaking members on the shopfloor.


If you are interested to work with this company , my advise would be - Be honest to your work , take your time to understand things around you, enjoy your work .
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