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About Solutions For

Leading the charge with my team to offer solutions to the Start-Up community! We work to make your company strong in the areas of Finance, Marketing and Relationships.

Through our relationship and platform based services, we focus on management and operational issues for self employed individuals, startups, closely held corporations, non profits, and individuals with specific visa requirements. We offer a full range of cloud based, interactive solutions including accounting, payroll, financial management and reporting.

In addition, our team supports you through internet and social media marketing solutions focusing on direct, targeted message placement. We offer expert guidance in relationship building to create dynamic teams and assist you in establishing and enhancing your professional networks.


Accounting/Finance Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Quincy, MA
“This internship position was very hands-on and practical. The skills I learned over the summer will be useful in my future endeavors. Each intern was provided access to the platform Xero where we each took on a few of Solutions For's clients and up-kept their books. ”
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