South Carolina Respite Coalition

Respite caregiver

May 2018 • Charleston, SC

What I liked

I enjoyed being able to work hands on and develop a connection with the youth. Especially within the special needs community. I love making them smile and creating a happy, calm experience for them when we’re together. I also enjoyed being able to take him to therapy. Since I am in college to be a occupational therapist specifically working with special needs children, being able to see the positive difference made within him after every session reminded me how much I can’t wait to do that for other children too!

What I wish was different

I wish I could have taken him on more trips this summer! Experience is everything for them and he deserved it, but we still have a great time with our weekly trips to the waterpark and movies.


Patience is key to everything. You have to remember that we all see things differently and react to things differently, whether you’re on the Autism spectrum or not. Be kind and understanding always!
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