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Anybody willing to discuss the company culture at Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines has an amazing culture. It is no surprise that they have been voted one of the top companies to work for year over year. Keeping their employees happy is one of the main focuses of Southwest. That is because they know that happy workers lead to better work. There is plenty of c...
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How might working at Southwest Airlines contribute to someone's professional growth?

Working for such a large company has allowed me to grow in a way that has made me a strong asset in a corporation setting. I have experience working with multi-million dollar budgets, presenting to vice presidents of a multi-billion dollar company, and gaining personal skills along the way. The i...
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What should I highlight in my interview at Southwest?

If you have any aviation experience, certainly talk about that. While this role is not directly involved with flight operations, they'd like you to know things like how to read NOTAMs and METARs or other basic aviation terminology. Also mention your role in any projects you did at school because ...
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Any tips for succeeding at Southwest Airlines?

Hard work and passion mixed with a fun-luving attitude. You have to work hard and care about the work you are doing, but that work is also met with a lot of fun and appreciation from the company as a whole.
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Did you ever receive support from upper management at Southwest Airlines?

Upper management is extremely supportive at Southwest Airlines. In my experience in Quality Assurance, all my higher-ups had regular check ins to see my progress and provide feedback. They also introduced me to teams I was curious about and provided me with resources to pick up technical skills. ...
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Any past or current interns at Southwest: What was your compensation?

I believe the hourly intern rate is $15/hr with a fixed 40 hours/week schedule. There is also the opportunity for free standby travel on the weekends!
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When comparing Southwest Airlines to competitors in the field, how do they stand out from them?

Southwest Airlines does culture better than any competitor out there. That is why we succeed in ways that other airlines do not. By having such positive, uplifting employees, Southwest in turn leaves their customers feeling the same way. Flying can be stressful, Southwest employees are there to m...
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What is the work-life balance like at Southwest?

The work-life balance here is very fair. I work 40 hours a week, and I can start early or work late depending on that week’s circumstances. I have found that the employees here really value work-life balance, and they want to uphold a desirable company culture by promoting employee wellbeing.
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To what extent does Southwest uphold to their stated company values?

Southwest Airlines should be the poster child for upholding company values. In my opinion, I feel like I’m treated as well as the customers are treated. The company values having fun while working hard, which naturally lifts everyone’s spirits and increases productivity.
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Is it possible to get a full-time offer as an intern at Southwest Airlines?

A lot of Southwest interns come back to work for the company full time. One of my intern co-workers in my department immediately got a full time job as a Flight Follower in the NOC after he finished his internship. Think of the internship as a long-term interview. Make a good impression, and you'...
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How can I best prepare myself for an interview for a data analyst internship at Southwest Airlines?

The interview process at Southwest is very relaxed and easy. The first round is a phone-interview. It consists of basic behavioral questions such as "Tell me about yourself" , "why this position", "Why would you want to work for Southwest", "Tell me about a few relevant classes you took", "Tell m...
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If I were a data analyst intern at Southwest Airlines, what would a typical day look like?

There's no typical day at work and no specific routine. However, as a data analyst, I spent a majority of my time collecting data from multiple sources and databases, cleaning and pre-processing the data into the required format and analyzing it to develop interesting insights. Very often, I had ...
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What should I know as I prep for my interview for a customer relations internship at Southwest Airlines?

You want to first research the company, learn all you can about its culture and values as well as what type of roles you will be laying as an intern. Additionally, make sure you have any reference letters and a few copies of your past projects or writings that they can see to get an idea of your ...
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What's a day in the life of a customer relations intern at Southwest Airlines like ?

It varies by day of course, but from my experience, I would come in around 8 am and double check the daily operations report for any grammatical errors then send it out. After that, I would take the daily documents that get sent to my department and store them in their correct files so people can...
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