Founded in 2010, Spartan Race is the global leader in the sport of obstacle racing. Spartan races cater to individuals looking to test their physical limits and change their frame of reference for what they can accomplish, from everyday people looking to get off the couch and lead a fitter lifestyle, to elite endurance athletes who seek the ultimate physical test.


Production Intern

May 2018 - August 2018 Boston, MA
“Everyday was different. A job description could not do my role justice. Each day , a new challenge or task was presented to me. As part of the production team, I was working alongside the team of race project managers, and because of this I really got to be involved in the product being offered to consumers. It was really fun to see something I had worked on actually come to fruition when the race was scheduled weeks later. Because I was being presented with so many different tasks I really got to see everything that went into making these races an operational success. ”
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