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About Sports Media Inc

Sports Media, Inc. a dakdan worldwide company is a sports brand marketing agency which offers creative, media buying and planning services, we consult to advertising agencies as well as advertisers, planning and placing advertising in stadium and arenas throughout the Nation.
Sports Media positions itself as a full service provider of sports brand marketing services. Our strategic focus is on fast, accurate information along with creative new ideas which show the industry how Sports Media products and services meet that need.



September 2023 - December 2023 Severance, CO
“Working for Sports Media Inc. I enjoyed working for the sports brand agency. I enjoyed the opportunity to work for Sports Media Inc. by providing insight to influence people to come work for the company and to influence people about the importance of helping out all clients associated with the agency. I enjoyed in sharing the agencies skills and creativity and guide them to the process to explain what the strategical business aspect Sports Media Inc. focuses on.”

Data Analytics Intern

October 2022 - January 2023 Seattle, WA
“The internship was well-organized, separating the different departments by Slack channels but making it so that we were comfortable interacting with other interns. The training and daily tasks were clear and doable, and the weekly meetings definitely helped when receiving feedback and new tasks, as well as getting a little insight of what the other interns were doing. Even when confused about a project, I had no worries of looking uncapable. Instead, I was given ample opportunity to learn how to ask questions while working on projects. One thing I really appreciated about this internship was that everyone was really flexible especially with the duration occurring during school. This allowed me to be productive outside of the internship rather than expending so much energy into a project and becoming burnt out.”
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