Strategic Communications & Planning, Inc

About Strategic Communications & Planning, Inc

An equal opportunity employer, SCP is a socially responsible consulting firm based in Philadelphia. We provide full-service communications and strategic planning services to nonprofit organizations, foundations, and government initiatives whose mission we admire and values we share.

SCP specializes in working collaboratively with our clients to develop and implement strategies that use communications as a vehicle to transform social and public institutions, drive changes in professional practice, and affect social policy. For almost three decades, we have helped these organizations align their communications and message with their mission, their values, and their work. From short-term projects to long-term consulting relationships, we remain committed to the highest standards of quality, excellence, and responsiveness in our services and products.

While our client portfolio continues to broaden, SCP specializes in providing consultation to groups that work on behalf of people at both ends of the age spectrum—from children and youth to the growing number of older adults.


Communication Intern

October 2019 Wayne, PA
“Ability to work with many clients Ability to work on many projects Great Team Members to work with”
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