Strategies for International Development

About Strategies for International Development

Strategies for International Development (SID) is a U.S. nonprofit that develops and promotes better methods for eradicating rural poverty. We help poor farmers graduate from poverty by helping them build successful farm businesses that increase their income. This includes conserving the natural resources upon which their agro-businesses depend and helping women play an equal role or taking the lead in building these businesses.


Grant Writing Intern

May 2016 - August 2016 Washington, DC
“This was one of my favorite internships. SID is located just SW of the Capitol in the oldest Free Mason building in the city. It is an office of one or two staff, depending on their current projects, both of whom are very nice, supportive, and easy to work with. The executive director teaches you a lot about grant writing. My writing definitely improved while I was there. The atmosphere of the office is mixed; while you must consistently work hard, it was a laid back and low pressure setting. The director (your supervisor) also takes you out to lunch on occasion. Full time is 9-6/6:30 if I remember correctly.”
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